Mavic 2 Zoom - The Big Picture (Hands-On Review)


DJI Mavic 2 Pricing & Purchase:
The DJI Mavic 2 series builds on the success of the Mavic Pro and and takes aerial photography and video to the next level. The Mavic 2 Pro features a Hasselblad camera with a 1" sensor. And the Mavic 2 Zoom features a 24mm - 48mm optical zoom lens to move you closer to the action. I've had an opportunity to fly and shoot with the Mavic 2 Zoom for several weeks now and have really enjoyed the upgraded flight experience that it offers and the amazing things you can do with the camera. The optical zoom is a feature you have to see to believe. And the new quick shots, hyperlapse and dolly-zoom are every bit as innovative and interesting as you would expect from a new DJI drone with a major software update. To me, this looks to be my new go-to drone for travel and any kind of non-professional shooting I plan to do in the future. Check out the video and see what you think. Please be sure to comment below and I will try to answer as many questions about the Mavic 2 Zoom as I can.

If you want to see the greatest review of the Mavic 2 Pro on YouTube, check out iPhonedo's video!


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